Terminal 1 is a full-service recruitment firm bringing machine learning to recruitment.

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For Clients

We source worldwide for the best developers that suits your team and company.

Recruitment firms

Automating job board posting, post to over 200 job boards to maximise inbound applicants. Expand and increase talent acquisition with zero grunt work. Technical assessments that are tailored down to every category of engineers, from DevOps engineers to data scientists. Technical assessments created by top notch of engineers in the industry.

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Already have a human resource department, however, it takes up too much engineering time for internal team to assess candidates. We can partner with you to qualify all candidate technical skills, increasing quality before candidates make it to the hiring manager.

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Tech startups

Growing fast and in need of building a strong engineering team. We provide internal tools, easily set up and pair with existing recruiting process. Have a full equipped recruitment process that can increase the quality flow of candidates; with better tracking with all potential teammates.

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  • Connect people to their winning team

    We believe in machine learning and software automation to improve recruitment, we understand both recruitment and technology; we do recruitment for clients while developing products and processes to bring people to their winning team.

For Job Seekers

We connect everyone with their winning team.

Technical assessments

One technical assessment that unlocks many doors. Technical assessments created by the top notch of engineers in the industry.

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Value Engineers

Our clients value engineers, work among the best peer with the strong engineering team.

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Match with top tech companies

We are dedicated to presenting you opportunities that propel your career forward and that align with your interests.

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We know of no other recruiting firm with such highly concentrated talent in data science, engineering, and product. A technology-first recruitment firm!